Raising Wealth is an investment property acquisition and asset management firm.  By working with a team of professionals who are experienced in property investment and have demonstrated their ability to achieve optimal ROI, we are able to help you find the best investment strategy for you and your family.

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Sgaan was instrumental in helping us in the repositioning process of our 294 unit townhouse project in Houston, Texas.  His creative ideas allowed us to revamp our filing process, find the ideal property management company for our needs, and increase our rents.  As a result, the value of our building was increased significantly and we were able to sell the complex.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

Dean Duperron

The Duperron Group

Sgaan helped us find a great deal on an apartment building and was able to get it under contract quickly; we secured it very fast against 9 competing offers, which was an incredible result.  Sgaan made sure that we went through a thorough due diligence process and carefully researched for market rental rates.  Since our purchase, $1.2 million in value has been added to the building in just 18 months.  Thank you Sgaan!

Accent Holdings

New Westminster

Sgaan was able to create the ideal investment for my needs.  From helping me find and buy an investment property to managing my property, Sgaan has walked me through every step of the way – with no headaches or hassles!  I have enjoyed the easy monthly cashflow from my property as I really wanted to take a hands-off approach to my investment, and Sgaan has certainly made that possible for me.

Elenora Sanz